How to Heat Emboss with a Heat Gun

How to Heat Emboss with a Heat Gun

is what we have for you today. This is a really easy technique that gives you expert results in seconds! I love to heat emboss. There are so many ways to utilize this technique which I will be showing you in future tutorials.

Items you will need

Hello Spring A Creative Journey with Melissa Stamp Set

Acrylic Block


Heating Gun

Embossing Powder

Stamping Buddy or Powder for anti static on your paper

There are a number of different embossing powders on the market.

I chose the Zing embossing powder but there are a number of awesome ones on the market depending on your need. You can use thick embossing powder, detail embossing powder and regular embossing powder to name a few. It really depends on what you are trying to do and create. I am so excited to show you so lets get started!

To Heat Emboss with a Heat Gun, take out your Embossing buddy or powder and paper.  Wipe the area on the paper you are stamping with powder. This will keep stay embossing powder from sticking to your paper in areas where you don’t want it.

Take out your ink, I used Versamark Water Mark Ink, your Hello Spring A Creative Journey with Melissa Stamp Set and stamp block.  Place your stamp(s) on your block. Ink your stamp with the Versamark. Stamp your image on the paper.

Here is a close up with just the watermark ink used before you Heat Emboss. It leaves a little darker color on the paper. Really neat to do if you are looking for a subtle background for a page or card.

Take out your embossing powder. Gently sprinkle the embossing powder on the images. Return the unused portion to the embossing bottle. Gently tap off the excess powder over a trash can.

Just to be silly, I emptied out almost the entire bottle of embossing powder onto my paper.

You will REALLY use a tiny bit of it.

Once you are sure you have covered all of the stamped areas, everything unused will be put back into the bottle it came in. NO WASTE!

Carefully tap the remaining powder in the bottle or over your trash can.


Here you can see by my left finger there is an area where it doesn’t have embossing powder. By using the watermark ink, it allows you a little more time to fix this mistake and re-add embossing powder.

As long as you haven’t used your heat embossing gun, you can re-add embossing powder again to the area.

As you can see it worked. We are almost ready to heat emboss. First you will want to tap off the excess again to be sure when you heat emboss, you don’t have the small dots above also embossed. That would not make your creation look as good as it could.

This is what the stamped images look like with the embossing powder on BEFORE we heat emboss.

Take out your Heat Embossing Gun.

To Heat Emboss with a Heat Gun, turn on the power. Keep the end of the gun 3-4 inches away from the image you are trying to emboss. It may take a little time to heat up the powder. Once your embossing powder heats up, you will see the transformation!

Click to the left or the right on the above picture to see the transformation.

I love how our finished embossing looks! I know it is a simple technique but I love the expert look it gives to Heat Emboss with a Heat Gun.

Here is a close up of the results from our How to Heat Emboss with a Heat Gun tutorial.

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