Coloring 3D Embellishments by using Chameleon Pens on Mod Melts

Coloring 3D Embellishments by using Mod Melts and Chameleon Pens is what we have for you today. I love to color and create. Coloring my own embellishments are a plus. How can you go wrong with creating it yourself and saving money! If you missed our blog post and YouTube video on how to create the mod melts, please check it out here.

What you will need for Coloring 3D Embellishments by using Chameleon Pens on Mod Melts:

Chameleon Pens

Mod Melt Creations


This is a creation I made in my previous video. Once you have created your mod melt, you will want to wait until it has cooled.

Once it has cooled, you can remove your mod melt from the mold. It comes out very easily as the mod melt mold is made of silicone.

Once you have taken out the mod melt creation, you may want to trim the excess areas if you have them. This will give your creation a cleaner look.

Here are some samples of what you can use for Coloring 3D Embellishments by using Mod Melts and Chameleon Pens.

I colored these tree mod melts with Chameleon Pens. I love how they came out!

Here I colored the flower and slowly graduated the color to make it look like a daisy.

To start Coloring 3D Embellishments by using Mod Melts and Chameleon Pens, I am going to color the reindeer’s body with the Chameleon Pen BR5.

Here is the close up of the colored reindeer. When coloring, be sure you color the edges too so that it gives a clean completed look.

Now, I take out my RD4 Chamelon Pen so I can color the nose of the reindeer to look like Rudolph.

Take out the GR3 Chameleon Pen and color the bow on the reindeer. I love the bright green color next to the brown.

Next, I took out my Chameleon BK5 Pen. I outlined the eyes of the reindeer.

Following the outlining of the eyes, I used the NU1 Chameleon Pen to color the tail of the reindeer.

This is the reindeer close up shot of it colored.

Here are both of the reindeers that I colored. One I colored a little bit darker than the other. I like how they both came out.

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We hope you enjoyed Coloring 3D Embellishments by using Mod Melts and Chameleon Pens. We hope you have a fantastic holiday and thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.


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  1. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    The reindeer is absolutely adorable! Awesome idea and fun project!
    I follow on YouTube and I subscribe to your blog posts also!

  2. Helen Gullett
    Helen Gullett says:

    Those are amazing results with the mod podge melts and markers. I need to put this melts on my wish list 😉 Thanks for the tips, Melissa!

    And I am a YouTube subscriber and blog follower too.

  3. D.Ann C
    D.Ann C says:

    Ok, this looks DANGEROUS… as in seriously addictive! I must go check out those mod melts and find some DIY molds to use them with, too. Thanks for the fab inspiration!

  4. barb macaskill
    barb macaskill says:

    I follow on youtube and your blog! macaskillbarbara is my blog following email and my name is youtube following name!
    LOVE that you can color the mod melts with Chameleon pens1 tfs!


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