A Creative Gift Idea for the Holidays

A Creative Gift Idea for the Holidays is what I have for you today. Last Fridays post for the 2016 Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop you had a peek of this creation! I am going to show you how to create one yourself! It is a really cute little gift holder for hot chocolate in the example but you can use it for anything! Whether you use it for gift cards, coffee, tea, or treats… the possibilities are really ENDLESS!

Check out the awesome Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop we are participating in, check out my blog post HERE for all of the info and projects too! Lots of prizes, creations and amazing inspiration to see! The hashtag is #winter2016clh

The supplies that you will need for the Creative Gift Idea are:

You’re Snow Wonderful ACJwM Stamp Set

Decorative paper (cut to 7″ x 11.5″ – snowflakes)

Paper for the topper for the gift holder (cut to 3.5″ x 5.25″ – purple))

Paper to be used for the tag placed on top of the topper  (3 x 5″ (white)

Corner rounder


Ribbon (White)

Ink (Black)

Stamp block

Hot chocolate packet

Scoring Board

1/8″ hole punch


This is the Creative Gift Idea that we will be making today. Doesn’t look like much, does it? When you take the bow and lift the topper off…..

You get an awesome hot chocolate holder!

I just love it. It is really easy and can be replicated for teachers, friends, neighbors, birthdays and so many other things!

So let’s get started. Take out your decorative paper, scoring board and topper paper.

You will be scoring the decorative paper with the long/wide side at the top of your scoring board. Score your paper at 3.25″ and 7.75″. Set aside.

Take your topper paper for the Creative Gift Idea and score it at 1.75″. Take out your decorative scored paper.

Fold your papers at the score line ensuring they are even and folded so they meet up to the edge of the paper.

Take out your adhesive. Be sure to use a strong adhesive. Many have heard and use what crafters call red tape. This would work great as well as what I used which was the Scotch ATG tape. Starting in the center of the bottom of your paper going to the right, place adhesive on half of the bottom of your decorative paper adding adhesive to only the bottom .75″.

Fold your paper in toward the center of the paper to the left and adhere to the bottom of the paper creating half of your holder.

Place adhesive down the left side of your paper from the edge to 1″ toward the inside of the paper. Place adhesive from the center to the left (at the bottom part where it wasn’t glued) ensuring you are not gluing the holder to itself.

Press down on all edges ensuring the adhesive has stuck properly and set it aside.

Take your other scored paper, the Topper, and fold it at the score line ensuring it is folded in half equally. You will then take out the sentiment paper and use the corner rounder on all four sides of the topper paper and two bottom sides of the sentiment paper. Take out your

Take out your ink, stamp block and You’re Snow Wonderful ACJwM Stamp Set.

Peel off the To: stamp and the From: stamp from the You’re Snow Wonderful ACJwM Stamp Set. Place the To: stamp on your block and ink it then stamp the sentiment on the left bottom of your sentiment paper to be placed on the Topper. Clean your stamp and place back on your stamp sheet. Take out your From: stamp , ink and stamp your sentiment onto the bottom middle of the paper to be placed on the Topper. Clean your stamp and place back on your sheet.

Use your stapler and staple on the left and right side of the Topper paper ensuring the opening is at the bottom and you are stapling the sides. You will want to staple at least .25″ – .50″ in but making sure there is enough room for the topper to fit over the gift holder.

Make a hole with your 1/8″ hole punch in the top middle of the topper paper.

Roll your ribbon small enough so it will fit through the hole on the top of the Topper paper. Pull it through so it is about half in front and half in back.

Carefully open the Topper so you can see the ribbon. Pull the ribbon through so it looks like this.

Using whatever item you are using on the pulley, measure to ensure that the ribbon is long enough and will fit the item you intend to use.

Once you have figured out the size of the item you wish to include, you will tie the ribbon. *Note: Be sure to hold onto the ribbon so that you don’t make it tighter for your item. If you do, you can always untie it and start over again. Trust me, I have done it a few times myself before 🙂

Tie a bow on your topper. I use the two rabbit ear way to do tie the bow with the ribbon because always turn out much better for me rather than the other way.

Trim your ribbon so that the excess is cut without any area hanging over your package.

This is what it will look like once completed but without your item placed in there.

This is what both sides will look like once you have created them completely.

Now  you will be putting your gift holder together! Take both the topper and bottom and place your hot chocolate packet in the Creative Gift Idea!

Your gift is ready for sharing with a loved one, friend, neighbor, teacher or whoever you feel you would like to put a smile on their face!

The winner of last weeks blog giveaway is Becca Yahrling!

Becca Yahrling says:
These look so fun to make and what endless possibilities.

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Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial of the Mod Melts and Melter today and I hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa!