Weathered Wood Frame in Minutes using Alcohol Ink

Weathered Wood Frame in Minutes using Alcohol Ink is what we are creating today. You won’t believe how cool it looks or how easy it is! Whether you are an advanced crafter or new to creating, you can do this!

Supplies Needed:

White or Cream Frame (I used one from IKEA)

Alcohol Ink

Make up pad or ink applicator

Sand Paper

Supplies 12-28

To create the Weathered Wood Frame in Minutes using Alcohol Ink, take out all of the inside of the picture area including any inserts, glass, plastic, etc.

remove frame insides

You will be left with the actual frame.

without inside of frame parts

Take your sand paper and lightly scuff up your frame. Be sure to do both front and back if this is the look you prefer. Depending on the look you want will depend on how much pressure you will use. The more pressure and passes with the sand paper, the more scuffed and weathered it will look.

sand frame

This is what your sanded frame can look like depending on what type of sand paper you use as well as how many passes you make on the frame.

close up sanded frame

Take a paper towel that is lightly damp and wipe off the areas where you sanded. You don’t have to however sometimes the grit will come off anyway even when you place the ink on top of it.

wipe off frame with damp cloth

Take out your alcohol ink and your make up pad. Place a few drops of the ink on the pad.

apply alcohol ink on your applicatorWipe over your frame. Add ink as needed. If you would like more color, repeat the ink application.

apply ink on frame

Inking the back of the frame.

apply ink on the back of the frame too

Your project is complete! On the right frame, I used a fine grit. On the left frame I used a more coarse grit of sand paper. Allow your frame to dry for approximately two hours.

finished frames

**Now that my sister has received her gifts, I can add the pics of those. I was so excited to send them that I had forgotten to take pics so these are pics she sent ???? For hers, I added alcohol ink a few times which is why the look is a bit richer and deeper.



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