Recycled Craft Reusing Packaging for Gift Card Holders

We are doing a Recycled Craft Reusing Packaging for Gift Card Holders. How many times do you have gifts you need to give to people. Regardless of the reason, wouldn’t it be great to have some on hand AND reuse packaging? With this tutorial, you are going to be doing a Recycled Craft Reusing Packaging for Gift Card Holders. Any type of clear packaging will do and with the holidays around the corner, you should definitely have a full stock of these by the new year! Remember, this craft isn’t just for the holidays but for any occasion whether it be for birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just because!

Here are the supplies you will need:

ACJwM Fall and Winter Holiday Sentiments Stamp Set

Foam squares

Stamp block

Manual Die Cut Machine and platforms

Sizzix die #659768 Pocket with Scalloped Edge by Jillibean Soup



Packaging to be Recycled

Strip of paper


Tag punch

paper to stamp sentiment

Optional: Brayer


First, I want to show you what I am using as my recycled material for the Recycled Craft Reusing Packaging for Gift Card Holders. I am using the packaging from the dies I purchase.


I take out the paper, cut the edges off of the packaging and any areas where there is adhesive or price tags, etc that may cause issue with cleaning it off for use. This leaves me with the packaging I can reuse. I store it so I have it ready to use for any project that may come up.

Trim your packaging so you have the useful parts to store

Take out your die and place the material on the die ensuring that all of the edges are covered with the material.

Be sure to line up your die so that the entire area is covered with your material

 Place your die in between your platforms and run it through your die cut machine.big shot and appropriate platforms

This is what it looks like after it was run through the machine.

here is the die cut material

Take strong adhesive and place on edges of envelope flaps

place strong adhesive on the edges used to close the envelopeRemove tape backing and align the edges up so they match and press to adhere.

line up edges and adhere

This is a close up of what it looks like once put together.

This is what the envelope will look like

To be on the safe side, I use a brayer to make sure the adhesive is completely adhered.

use brayer to ensure adhesion

Set aside the envelope. Take out your paper, ink, stamp block, and the Fall and Winter Holiday stamp set.

take out your stamps, ink, block, paper

Adhere your stamp to your stamp block. Ink your stamp and stamp on your paper.

stamp image onto paper

Punch out your sentiment

punch out sentiment

Wrap your twine around the tag, knot and trim edges

wrap twine, knot and trim edges

Take your decorative strip of paper and wrap it around the envelope

wrap paper around envelope

Place adhesive on the edge of the decorative paper. Remove backing of adhesive and press together to create the strap around the envelope

remove backing of adhesive and adhere

Place your foam squares on the back of the tag and remove foam squares backing.

adhere foam squares and remove backing

Adhere tag to the decorative strap

adhere tag to strap for envelope

Your project is complete!

gift card envelopes

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