SUPER EASY Holiday Gift Card Holder

SUPER EASY Holiday Gift Card Holder is what we have for you today. Can you believe Christmas is only 48 days until Christmas? Me either! I don’t know about you but more and more I end up buying gift cards for people because I really want them to get what they want. Between distance and different tastes it is hard to know if someone will truly enjoy what you have in mind so gift cards to the rescue. Although it can be a bit easier to give a gift card for a gift, why not add a little bit of personal touch to it and create a gift card holder? This project is not only really cute and versatile for any gift card need but it is a SUPER EASY Holiday Gift Card Holder!

Supplies Needed for the SUPER EASY Holiday Gift Card Holder Project

A Creative Journey with Melissa Snowflake Beauty Stamp Set

Acrylic Stamp Block

3 complimentary Ink Pads

Card Base

Paper to Stamp On


Hole Punch

Corner Rounder



Fold your white card stock in half.

Trim one inch down from the top.

Cut into the crease of the paper as shown.

This is what the paper will look like once it is laying flat.

Pick out one of your snowflake stamps and place on your acrylic stamp block. Ink your snowflake stamp with the first color.

Stamp your snowflake on your paper. Repeat inking and stamping a few more times on your paper.

This is what the SUPER EASY Holiday Gift Card Holder looks like with it done with the first color.

Clean off your stamp. Ink your stamp with the second color and stamp on your paper. Be sure to leave some space for the third color.

Remove your snowflake stamp and replace it with a smaller one from the set onto your acrylic block.

Ink your snowflake with the third color.

Stamp your third color on your paper and fill in any areas needed.

Using the corner rounder, round the corners of the SUPER EASY Holiday Gift Card Holder.

This is the SUPER EASY Holiday Gift Card Holder stamped with the three colors.

Take out your adhesive and place adhesive on the bottom and side of the gift card holder. Only two sides will have adhesive added to it otherwise the holder will be glued shut. Yes, speaking from experience LOL!

Take out your hold punch and punch two holes at the top of your card base for your bow.

Apply adhesive to the back of the gift card holder and place on the card base.

Take out your twine and put it into the hole to the right and pull out from the left. Tie your bow on the top of the card base.

Trim the excess twine from your bow.

For an additional creative design, stamp your envelope with one of the images to compliment your gift card.

This is what it will look like! Clean and Simple!

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Thank you for joining us for the SUPER EASY Holiday Gift Card Holder Project. I hope I have inspired you to create your own gift card holders and please be sure to share what you come up with!

Have a wonderful week and thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.