Layering Colors with Chameleon Pens

Layering Colors with Chameleon Pens is what we have for you today. We are not doing a project just a tutorial showing you how to layer colors with your Chameleon Pens. Layering Colors with Chameleon Pens is what we have for you today. Chameleon Pens are very versatile and you can get numerous colors out of just one pen. Not only that, you can use two or more colors together and increase your color palette even further!

Supplies Needed for the Layering Colors with Chameleon Pens Tutorial


 A Creative Journey with Melissa Stamp Set Petals for You

Stamp Block


Black ink

 A Creative Journey with Melissa Stamp Set Petals for You, stamp block and black ink. Place your stamp on your stamp block.

Ink your stamp ensuring it is fully covered with ink on the entire image.

Stamp your image on your paper. You will want to repeat this a few times so you have multiple images to practice your coloring on.

I stamped four images order to ensure I had enough images to play with.

We will be using three Chameleon Pens including NU1, NU3 and PK3 for the Layering Colors with Chameleon Pens tutorial. Now, you will want to take out your PK3 Chameleon Pen.

In an upward motion using the bullet nib, I colored two of the petals on the flower.

This is what it looked like once the coloring was completed.

Now we will take out our NU1 Chameleon Pen. Simply color on top of one of the petals. I love the color I have created with this. It gives a salmon and copper look to it!

This is a close up picture of what it looks like once I have completed the second coloring.


Always protect your work surface when working with Chameleon Pens especially if you are layering colors. They can tend to bleed through the paper in some cases and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I have colored three more petals with the PK3 Chameleon Pen for the Layering Colors with Chameleon Pens tutorial. I am going to show you two different colors layered with the original color in the middle. This really shows you how you can change your colors and add to your color palette.

For the first example I am using a darker color. I am using the NU3 Chameleon Pen for this part of the Layering Colors with Chameleon Pens tutorial.

Here you can see the difference in a close up picture between the original color we started with and after the layered color was added.

For the second layering of color, we are going to use the NU1 Chameeon Pen. This will show you how the two different pigments added from the same color NU makes the PK3 color so different!

This is the close up picture of the comparison between the NU1, PK3 and the NU3 Chameleon Pens once the colors were layered.

Pretty cool, right? What colors are you inspired to layer for your own creation?

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We hope you enjoyed our Layering Colors with Chameleon Pens tutorial. Have a wonderful week and thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.